Bradley Extended Care

Nashville’s Independent, Family Owned LTC Pharmacy

Bradley Extended Care, part of Bradley Health Services, is an Extended Care Pharmacy offering a full line of services using the most up-to-date equipment and software available. Coordinating these services and ensuring quality medication delivery is a team of dedicated pharmacists with an extensive background of knowledge and experience. The team at Bradley Extended Care has a combined experience of 69 years in pharmacy services including 18 years of experience in specialized packaging of medications, over 17 years in Long Term Care and Hospice Care experience and over 20 years of compounding experience in sterile and non-sterile medications.

Bradley Extended Care
Bradley Extended Care

Specialized Packaging Options

Bradley extended Care offers an expansive line of packaging options for the welfare, safety and convenience of our patients and customers. Our comprehensive line of repackaging options includes:

  • Parata system – sachte packs that include all medications in the same pack that will be given at the same time for each med pass; each sachte includes the names of the patient and drug and strength of the medication within each pack to ensure proper delivery of medications to the correct patient
  • Bubble packaging- a system of 30- or 31-day cards with a numbered bubble system that can be coordinated with the days of the month
  • 7-day cards – a system similar to Parata that utilizes a bubble card instead of sachte packs for patient and caregiver convenience

Medication Recording

For our patient’s in specialized living institutions or environments, we offer both a state-of-the art E-MAR system and 2 different paper MAR systems. One paper MAR is a standard utilized by most medical facilities. The other is a specialized MAR that includes pictures of both the patient and the medications. This ensures proper delivery of the correct medication for the correct med pass to the correct patient.

Independent Patients

To help coordinate our patient’s medication refills, we utilize Simplify My Meds. This system helps us organize all of our patient’s medication fills so they receive only 1 fill of all their medications at the same time each month. This system helps increase medication utilization and compliance for our patient’s welfare and our customer’s convenience.

MedSync Program

Medication Deliveries 

As always, for the convenience of our patients and customers, we offer free twice daily delivery of all medications and supplies with the Davidson County area. We also offer STAT delivery services, 24-hour on-call services, after cut-off delivery services and deliveries outside the Davidson County area all for nominal fees.

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